Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Compatibility! (Capricorn-Leo)

Capricorn with Leo

The slow Capricorn may prove to be too much for the carefree nature of Leo. Leo forgives and forgets; Capricorn being the one who is slow to anger and seldom forgets. This pair would not form the ideal basis for mutual understanding. This is especially true on matters of sex. The Capricorn has the tendency to be of suspicious motives, while Leo will wholeheartedly enter the arena with no thought of consequences.

The "hail fellow well met" attitude of Leo's nature will prove to be too much for Capricorn to cope with through the long haul.

These two are almost complete opposites, the conservative Capricorn and the flamboyant Leo. Leo likes to live for the moment and Capricorn prefers to make calculated movements.

Capricorn is fascinated with Leo and there is potential for a lasting love here. Hard work and the desire for success will play an important role in bonding you to one another. Hidden agendas and manipulation do not exist in the land of Capricorn, Leo.

Keep jealousy and games out of the picture or lose Capricorn forever. Capricorn gets better with age and is very much attracted to a prestigious lifestyle. Leo needs to understand how important success really is for Capricorn and Capricorn needs to analyze Leo a little less frequently.

All in all, the scenario looks sexually promising. It only gets better with Capricorn, Leo! Leo could eventually tire of Capricorn’s uptight attitude towards sex and money. Leo could walk away and Capricorn may be left wondering what just happened.