Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Weekly Predictions... Gemini (Feb 18 - Feb 24,'13)

Your work stalls or meanders as two planets turn retrograde in your tasks and ambition houses this week. And although the sun brings his vibrancy to your career angle, he collides with murky Neptune soon after, dispersing your focus. You can’t stop thinking about your goals, but your thinking is fuzzy, with Mercury—your ruling planet—backpedaling in dreamy Pisces. Gemini’s take on Mercury has to do with information gathering and distribution, fueled by curiosity. Mercury in Pisces is neither as quick nor as simple as Gemini would like. Information comes in through intuition and goes out via the imagination. If you adapt to these conditions, you can rethink career matters and other goals in a creative way that enables you to approach them differently after the planets resume direct motion.