Monday, 4 March 2013

Libra Detailed Horoscope for March


March: This month brings progress in work and business. Negotiating with your adversaries will prove to be beneficial. Travelling is also on the cards.


March: This month is challenging for those pursuing academics. With dedicated hard-work and focus you can come up with solutions for your academic quandaries.


March: This month brings with it financial success. You may buy property, house or a vehicle. Trips that will bring in monetary profits through business negotiations are on the cards.


March: From the point of view of health issues this month is sort of average. Blood related infections and cough may occur. Chest pains and skin infections are a possibility too.


March: This month is favourable for love and romance. Travelling is on the cards. You may be showered with gifts.

Personal Life

March: This month indicated health issues. You may get into arguments with your friends and siblings. Children will have a good month. With the help of your luck you will be able to turn losses into profits.