Monday, 4 March 2013

Sagittarius Detailed Horoscope for March


March: This month brings with it profitable opportunities. You may come into sudden monetary gains. New projects will take off and will progress at a steady pace. Your hard-work will be rewarded. You will be highly competent during this month and will constantly prove your mettle.


March: This month is favourable when it comes to education. Hard-work will help attain results. You may be awarded a scholarship, an award in an academic competition or other similar honour.


March: This is a very favourable time for your finances. Your income to expense ratio will stay balanced. New opportunities for wealth accumulation will open up.


March: Your physical health will be fine. Eye infections, feminine troubles and air borne infections are a big possibility. You may feel at unease; try to keep a check on your overzealous emotions.


March: This month is favourable for love and romance too. You may make a new friend and this friendship will prove to be beneficial and bring in happiness.

Personal Life
March: This month is favourable for children and their growth. Your parents’ health will still suffer. Your conjugal life will be blessed and blissful.