Sunday, 3 March 2013

Taurus Detailed Horoscope for March


March: Some changes are bound to happen at work or in business. New channels through which you can earn profits will present themselves to you. Profit and losses will be average in this month.


March: This month is going to be really favourable for students. The hard-work that you put into your academics will put you on the path to success. People pursuing management studies can expect good results.


March: Your profits to loss ratio will be at an average. New partnerships and business friendships will prove to be beneficial. Maintain your congenial attitude at the work place.


March: Stomach infections and digestive problems can occur in this month. Due to weather change headaches and body ache may trouble you. This change in weather can also cause infections and allergies. Be careful while driving a vehicle and employ necessary precautions when travelling.

March: There will be ups and downs in this month. Due to your hectic life and lack of time your love life will be slow paced. You may form new friendships.

Personal Life

March: Familial disputes may arise however, those causing these unnecessary disputes will be defeated. You will spend heavily on your children for their comfort, education and other needs. New friendships and contacts will be made.